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  • A group of employees were working in a MNC company. It was a team of 65 employees. This was an energetic, dynamic and young team with desire to learn and grow. The top management of company decided to teach the employees about finding real solution to the problems
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  • The team of 65 employees was called to play a game in a banquet hall of 5 star luxury hotel of that city. The group was quite surprised as they were called for playing game. All reached the hotel holding various thoughts. As they entered the hall, they found the hall decorated beautifully with colourful decorative papers and balloons all over the place. It was more like a kid's play area, than a corporate meeting hall. Everyone was surprised and gazed at each other. Also, there was a huge box of balloons placed at the centre of the hall. The team leader asked everyone to pick a balloon from the box and asked them to blow it. Every one happily picked a balloon and blew it.
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  • Moral

    Many times, sharing and helping others give you real solutions to all problems. Help out each other to ease things. MCCOY business model works on this simple principle. Help others reach their goal and you will automatically attain yours.
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  • Our Values

MCCOY core values prove to be the guiding principles behind our phenomenal growth, helping it to become one of India’s leading direct selling companies.

Honesty: Our First core value “Honesty” serves as a belief that everyone should be fair, just, truthful, sincere and morally upright.

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